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2022 - 2023 Connect! Grants

$17,732 Awarded in Round 1

Connect! Grant Awarded to:

Park County Special Education Coop.

Social Optics

The Gardiner School District teacher teams in grades 7-12, in collaboration with the Park County Special Education Cooperative and PCRS 360, would like to implement a new, web-based software, Social Optics, for the purpose of providing direct instruction in social communication for our students with Autism and Social Communication challenges. The purpose of this project is to provide instruction in a mixed online and in-person format. The school team will be able to leverage the direct instruction through the online component during the students’ already scheduled time with specialists and school staff. 

Connect! Grants are offered three times per school calendar year. Deadlines are the last day of each of the first 3 school quarters.
(October 27, 2022, January 19, 2023, and March 30, 2023)



We are seeking applications that make a difference and serve a wide-range of students.



We are seeking applications that fulfill a crucial need in our community.

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Our mission is to work with the community to build sustainable support and enhance innovative educational opportunities for students, teachers and community members in partnership with Gardiner Public Schools.



To apply: complete application via the Application Link below. All applications must be entered in link below. The Budget Template is required to be uploaded into the application.

2021 - 2022 Connect! Grants

Awards and Impacts

Snoopy Cooperative Preschool

snoopy young boy mixing rice.jpg

Connect! Grants making a difference!

Grant Recipient: Snoopy Preschool

Grant awarded: Snack Program

Total served by this program 45

Grant Amount Awarded: $610.00

Making snack time fun and educational!

Tell us a story about how the grant impacted the students...

One of the more satisfying interactive snack-making times was when we made homemade peanut butter, almond butter and cashew butter. We sliced apples and spread the three nut butters on the apples for snack time. Most of the students had never tried cashew butter in the past and many were hesitant to taste it. But it turned out that the cashew butter was the unanimous favorite and most of the children asked for seconds. We believe there is great power in hands-on food preparation, especially for children. They were able to see that the nut butters were made purely of the nuts themselves (and a little extra oil). Cooking and preparing food brought clarity and investment in the food that the preschoolers created.

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