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In Honor/Memory of Donations

Do you have someone special you would like to honor or remember? Please consider making a donation in their honor. Your financial support enables us to provide additional programming for students; mental health support for students, families and staff; and housing for teachers.  All donations made in 2022 go towards our matching campaign thanks to the George L. Ohrstrom, Jr. Foundation and the Ohrstrom Family.

To make a non-tribute donation click here.


GIVE A HOOT, hosted by the Park County Community Foundation, is a community-wide giving challenge that celebrates Park County’s generosity and resiliency while supporting the life-changing work of Park County nonprofits.  

Gifts made to NYEF through GIVE A HOOT have a bigger impact because they are partially matched by a grant provided by the Park County Community Foundation – making your dollars go further! Donations can start as small as $5 but they all add up to a big impact. NYEF's goal is to raise $50k this year during this challenge.

We ask that all donations now through July 31st go through the Park County Community Foundation. Tributes and in memory of donations will be acknowledged through this campaign.

Other Ways to Give

Birthday Girl

For a Cause

Is it your birthday? Do you have someone special you want to remember who always made a difference? How about creating a Facebook Fundraiser. Choose NYEF, set a goal and share with your friends and family. Remember 2022 donations go twice as far...

Amazon Smile

North Yellowstone Education Foundation has partnered with Amazon Smile. It's simple - go to and choose North Yellowstone Education Foundation as your charity of choice. When you have your order ready make sure you're logged into and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your order to us (if you normally shop via the Amazon phone App no problem. Click here to learn how to set up app).  Come on this one's easy and you know you order from Amazon all the time... Don't forget to ask your family members to set up Amazon Smile too!