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Memorial Candle


In Honor/Memory of Donations

Do you have someone special you would like to honor or remember? Please consider making a donation in their honor. Your financial support enables us to provide additional programming for students; mental health support for students, families, and staff; and housing for teachers.  

Currently, we are asking all donations to go through Give-A-Hoot. Park County Community Foundations Annual Give-A-Hoot provides us with a partial match for all donations through July 31st. 100% of your donation on our NYEF Give-A-Hoot page will still come to us - plus a little extra!

To make a non-tribute donation click here.

Other Ways to Give

Birthday Girl

For a Cause

Is it your birthday? Do you have someone special you want to remember who always made a difference? How about creating a Facebook Fundraiser. Choose NYEF, set a goal and share with your friends and family. Remember 2022 donations go twice as far...

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