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Make a difference. Join us!

We all need a helping hand! North Yellowstone Education Foundation is always seeking new ways to engage with our community members and others who care as deeply about Gardiner and our schools as we do. 

NYEF offers a variety of ways to get involved and support your community. Whether you have new ideas to share, want to provide in-kind donations, or volunteer your time, we want to hear from you! Our programs and ambitions are diverse and your commitments to a thriving community are accepted with gratitude.

Please complete the contact form below and someone will be in touch with you very soon.

"The views and wildlife will always be great, but it's the community that makes Gardiner special. Without enough room for teachers and their families Gardiner will no longer be a special place."

Nichole Tyson-Helfrich


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Are you a Gardiner School Alumni?

Share Your Story!

Did your time at Gardiner Public Schools have a positive impact on your life? Do you have special memories of attending school in this unique community? We want to tell your story! 


NYEF is working hard to provide teacher housing for our school. We currently have 3 teachers (2 are Alumni) living in our housing unit. Our goal for 2023 is to raise enough money to pay off our loan, thus, allowing us to continue to provide affordable teacher housing. 


This is where you can help NYEF reach our goal. Please take a minute to tell us your story and share your photos. NYEF will use your story on our website and social media to help demonstrate why Gardiner Public School is so important to our community. Click here to tell your story.

NYEF seeking

Grant Selection Team Members

Would you be interested in assisting in the 2023-2024 Connect! Grant Selection Team? 

Connect! Grants are our classroom grants program. Connect! Grants support projects that fill educational gaps, promote health and wellness, and reach a wide range of students. Connect! Grants are community driven (meaning they respond to community needs), community funded (meaning they are funded entirely by donations), and community evaluated (meaning funded projects are chosen by a committee of community members a.k.a. you as a member of our Selection Team). 

Complete our "Sign me up!" below and check Grant Selection Team. We will respond with additional information that explains dates, time commitments and expectations. This is an easy way to get involved and make a big difference with limited time.

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