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Sorry we missed you. Click here to get access to recorded workshop and notes.

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This workshop is intended to provide a quick and dirty overview of everything involved with writing grants. By taking a “a birds eye view” approach — touching on everything from dreaming up your big project to clicking “submit” on your final report — our goal is to demystify the grant writing process. By the end of this short workshop, Nico will empower you to speak passionately about your organization, compile meticulous attachments, and craft persuasive arguments for your projects such that funders will have no choice but to say yes.


Nico Wood Kos is a self-taught grant writer with more than 50 successful applications to her credit. Nico has written grants to proposals universities, nonprofit groups, philanthropic organizations, and government agencies. Nico is the Director of North Yellowstone Education Foundation and President of Electric Peak Arts Council. When she is not fundraising or volunteering, she is a wife and mom of two young girls. She lives in Mammoth Hot Springs with her family. 

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