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Teacher Housing Initiative

North Yellowstone Education Foundation has a solution!

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Gardiner is in the midst of a housing crisis. Affordable housing was identified as the #1 concern for residents through the 2019 Successful Gardiner Campaign, and this is backed by statistics—the average price of a home in the state of Montana is $293K. In Park County, the cost rises to $350k. In Gardiner, the average home costs $484.5k, if one can be found for sale at all. 


This situation has impacted the Gardiner Public School's ability to hire and retain teachers, who have a starting salary around $35,777. NYEF is working to alleviate this problem through our Teacher Housing Initiative.


In 2020, NYEF purchased a property, a historic building built in 1908 that was once owned by Earl Hall and most recently used as a bed and breakfast, in Gardiner. Thanks to support from the Gardiner Area Resort District and very generous donors, we completed $300k in renovations and are now able to provide subsidized housing for three Gardiner School teachers.

Check out KBZK's news report on our housing project.


Thank you for your support!